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Cider Ireland is a group of like-minded apple growers and cider makers from the island of Ireland.

Cider is made and not brewed and so has far more in common with wine than beer. As artisan cider producers we make cider once a year, so again like wine it has a vintage and thus the cider is different from year to year.

As a group we can promise you that we are owner operators who only make cider from 100% Irish grown apples, that the cider we produce is made from the juice of pressed apples, never, ever from concentrate, and we don’t add colourants.

Cider Ireland logo illustration ARTIf you would like more information on any of the producers here please feel free to send an email (info@ciderireland.com) or contact any of us directly – see members’ page for contact details. If you’re looking for Irish cider, artisan cider, organic cider, or even non-alcoholic cider, then you’ve come to the right place.

If you’re on facebook have a look at our page for regular updates and if you’re on twitter you can follow there too.





2 thoughts on “About

  1. Aidan O'Callaghan


    I am currently making some Cider at home and I am interested in learning more about the trade and was wondering could you direct me towards college courses or other courses that may help my learning.

    I am looking to make a career out Cider and would appreciate any suggestions you could give me.

    Regards Aidan

  2. Brian

    Hi I’m in the middles of research and design of my forthcoming orchard but would much prefair to have irish apples along with my planned french apples to combine what seems to be the heritage of cider making can you tell me where irish apple rootstocks are available and details please.
    Hope to be joining forces with yous soon.


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